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Meg in the Magic Toyshop

Whats that? No vintage childrens show?!

Never fear, Meg is here!


'It’s first thing in the morning at the magic toyshop and Meg cant find her best glove.. She needs your help!

With timeless children’s classics from the era of Danny Kaye and Shirley Temple, Meg in the Magic Toyshop combines the warm, cosy feeling of childhood days gone by with whimsical fun for today – entertainment for children and adults alike!'



Meg joined the Vintage Vendetta Family in 2018 and premiered 'Meg in the Magic Toyshop' at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018 to the delight of pre-school children all across Adelaide. Garnering a effusive four star review and wonderfully warm audience accolades, Meg in the Magic Toyshop is the perfect way to introduce pre-school children to the wonders of live theatre.





'Merrilyn Greer played Meg to perfection using a combination of dancing, lilting voice, and animated character. Her production, set in a toy shop filled with delightful props, was an educational 40 minutes that ignited the imagination and engaged even the toughest critics below the age of 5.' 

****1/2   The Serenade Files

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